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San Diego Sevan
Chapter Athletics

Homenetmen Western USA

The athletic division of Homenetmen in the Western USA Region has a membership of over 3,000 young Armenian-Americans. It sponsors local league competitions as well as major regional athletic programs and activities. Team Sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer, as well as individual events such as track and field, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, karate and table tennis are among the activities taking place throughout the year. The athletic program, in keeping with its solid tradition, encourages the spirit of competition and team cooperation.

Leadership, Teamwork, Respect and Success

San Diego Homenetmen

San Diego Homenetmen provides unique opportunities to learn about leadership, teamwork snd respect from your peers. Here, you will learn about what it takes to develop these and other important skills that prepare us for a successful future. Do you want to contribute to the success of the Armenian community? Are you ready to do something to help you and others like you grow stronger mentally and physically? Find out how by completing the brief contact form.